Getting to know all the lecturers was exciting, they each have very different specialisations, although most seem to be into metal and plastic, have penises and a degree from this very Uni. 

The course coordinator gave a stirring speech about how this is a fucking hard degree and we need to work hard in order to cover the vast number of specialisations required to be a generalist in this job. It was meant to scare the teenagers into action, but it just got me excited about all the possibilities. 

Next, we had to draw a chair. I had already read about this chair test in a book so I knew I shouldn’t make it too obvious. Going against my safe option of a standard rectangular wooden chair, I opted to draw my curved leather office chair with its seat in the shape of a bike seat. It was definitely not embarrassingly bad. I feel like I might belong here. 

We draw with ballpoint pens in this town. 

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