Pre-Uni Assignment

Our first assignment, to be due in the first week, was to find a ‘visually interesting’ object, take one hundred photos of it with our phones and start a journal.    
  It was really difficult for me to find an object that was more interesting visually than satisfying with any other trait. I like textures and smells and usefulness! Most of the art I own is because I like the band or the tv show its associated with or because it has sentimental value. I am not an aesthete. 

Still, I found a cookbook that I really like and have never used in terms of function, so that was my choice. 

 Taking 100 photos was draining. It took me about 5 days to do. Describing shapes and colours and and textures and sizes and context and symmetry were all simpler, and helped inform which photos I should be trying to take.  
I’m not sure what the exact goal of this assignment was other than to get us thinking about all of the things that go into making something visually interesting. I don’t know how much I learned. And I’m not sure if my specific background in photography has influenced the amount I’ve taken away from this assignment. Hopefully there’s a twist when I submit it next week. 

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