Reading Ahead

Two of my three subjects for first semester involve drawing. I have this perception that all my classmates will be coming fresh out of year 12 art and design classes, bursting with talent and a load more practice than me. It terrifies me to think I might be going back while rushing to catch up.       

I bought my first textbook a month in advance and have started to practice drawing.   

The book starts by explaining why you need to use a fast and concise sketching during the many stages of the design process, then asks you to design a scooter. 

  After beginning my scooter drawings I confirmed my suspicions that I had a lot of catching up to do. Luckily, chapter 2 brought me down to basics. Hopefully I can revisit this scooter later with advanced abilities. 


 I’ve realised that my understanding of photography, of light, of viewing angles does in fact give me an edge when it comes to perspective drawing. The most important decision when beginning the drawing is to choose where the horizon is in relation to your object. Thinking about lens choice and positioning within my mind helps me to visualise what the final image will look like based on this decision. 

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