Understanding Projections

In my first technical communication class, we talked about projections, which are essentially the angles in which we see or represent objects as images. To my understanding, it works as follows:

Perspective (the way we see naturally)
Isometric (when lines are parallel and viewed at 30 degree angles)
Orthogonal (when a 3D image is split up into its 2D sections)

The two main views from an orthogonal projection are 1st Angle and 3rd Angle. In Australia, we use 3rd Angle, which is lucky, because it’s the one that makes sense. Third Angle looks like you’re looking down at an object and unfolding its parts from the centre. First angle seems to be some kind of upside down explosion onto the walls around it.

Our exercises were challenging and fun. Something between tetris and ikea instructions; we had to translate between 2D and 3D images using orthogonal and isometric projections. This is what I’m all about.


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