Intro to Perspective

I’d already done some reading and practice on this matter, but my lecturer said a couple things that sat really well in my brain.

The first is the placement of the horizon line.

It has to do with the eye level of the viewer. So if an adult is standing upright, the horizon will be taller than the bike they’re looking at, giving a downward perspective on the bike. If a toddler was looking at it, they’d be looking up at the handles and parallel to the frame.

This kind of thinking lets me get into my photography brain and choose camera angles and understand where the horizon should go. If I want to lie down and take a photo from the ground, the wheels of the bike should be the only parts dipping below the horizon.

The second interesting tidbit was learning when to switch between 1 and 2 point perspective.

If the face of a rectilinear object is parallel to the face of the viewer / camera /page, we’ll see it in 1 point perspective.

If the edge is closer, then it’s 2 point perspective.

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