More rules about drawing for technical communication:


  • The amount of give/take for a particular measurement
  • “I’d like this block to be 40mm with a tolerance of 0.5mm”
  • If you set a finer tolerance, it’s more expensive, because attempts that don’t meet that tolerance get thrown out.

Double Dimensioning

  • measurements that are superfluous
  • if you can do some simple maths to work out a dimension, you don’t need to provide that specific dimension
  • If you think it’d be useful to provide this information regardless, you can put the superfluous information in (brackets)

Tolerance Scheme

  • You want to provide the information of what’s the most important. If one dimension is incredibly important, provide the measurement for it. If something else is superfluous and unimportant, the measurement or tolerance could clash or override it.

ø = diameter  

All of the rules for product design are in the as1100.101 guidelines at saiglobal.com
And just one last reminder for my brain…

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