Silhouetted Drawings

So the theory saga continues. This exercise seemed to be the most pointless yet: draw some objects 30 times with different crop factors from the original views. What I drew was pretty boring.   

But then we had to write about it. An exercise in bullshittery was my first thought, but the more I practiced the vocab I knew my lecturer was looking for, the more I understood and enjoyed my drawings. 

Furthermore, I keep seeing random objects and where I used to see them from a photography standpoint, enjoying the lighting or my angle of view, or from just the standpoint of a wandering mind, visualising patterns in my head just for fun, I now go one step further and try to describe with detail what it is that I’m seeing and why it’s attractive. 

The lecturers said this would happen, but I honestly didn’t think my brain would work differently to the way it started. I was wrong. 

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