Free Food + Fun Times

Uni SA is pretty special. I don’t remember any perks like this back when I went to Flinders, and that was back when student unions actually existed!

$2 breakfast every tuesday and thursday, free lunch every thursday. No ID, no questions, no conditions. This is great. Furthermore!, last thursday was the 25th birthday of the university, which meant cake, balloon animals, photobooth, party games and you guessed it, another free lunch. Makes me wish I hadn’t filled up on all that $2 breakfast.

From a social perspective, it’s 4 weeks in and I’ve definitely made some friends. We’ve done extra-curricular activities together and the lame ones like me got together on a public holiday to study haha.

During my first degree, I wasted a lot of time mucking around with friends instead of paying attention during class. I didn’t regret that, but acknowledged that I wanted something different out of uni this time, so I wasn’t hell bent on making friends with teenagers. I have to say though, they really help. Not only in terms of having fun in and out of uni, but legitimately by helping each other out, sharing ideas, reminding each other of due dates and critiquing each others work. I highly recommend embracing friendships and quickly, but also, staying true to your own work goals and not pretending you’re too cool to study – who knows, maybe they’ll all come to agree that study is cool too.


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