Glarce Presentation

Glarce (aside from being a horrible name) is a premium sunnies brand, and apparently the only one in Australia. 

They want uni students from across the country to submit designs for their sunglasses, with a small cash prize. 

This was last years winner:  

I don’t plan to make such an ugly pair of sunnies and I certainly don’t plan to win. I am, however, excited about doing some extra curricular design work to make up for the slow pace in the rest of my assignments. 

The main things I’d like to focus on in my design are problems that I have with many sunnies:

  • Sun coming in through the sides
  • Glasses sitting crookedly on my face
  • Getting my hair caught in the hinges

After writing these things down during the presentation, the speaker specified they mainly wanted designs for the front and that they would manage the stems and hinges. Fuck that. I’m designing what matters. Wayfarers have got the front look right for decades. 

I hate that so many people in this industry prioritise aesthetics over functionality and I’m sure I won’t make any friends or win any competitions with my attitude but too bad. 

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