Workshop Catchup

In one of my first workshop sessions, I started work on this, a plaster moulded mouse. 


We’re not allowed to use phones in the workshop and we don’t take any work home while we’re doing it, so there’s a big jump to my next photo (though it may not look like much). 

After filling in the wood-gaps with plaster, more plaster, cement, sanding the cement, more cement, then a heck of a lot more sanding, I got this shape and filled in the remaining gaps with poly filler. Now it’s ready for priming. After another round of sanding and priming, it will finally be painted. 

Here’s what else I’ve been working on:   


All in all, it’s going to be a wooden box that holds my mouse model, a working plastic torch, a working pen, and a pen holder made from American oak and a type of plastic they make kitchen benchtops out of. 

It’s largely been a paint-by-numbers affair where we’ll use some pre-cut pieces and lots of jigs to cut out the variables of having to do every single element and just focus on learning a large variety of tools and skills in a short amount of time. 

By the end of the project we’ll have worked with lots of different materials and machines. So far the milling machine has been the coolest. It’s a really big old 1940s machine that’s been hacked with a digital monitor, while maintaining its steam-punk-esque manual operability. 

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