Exploding Faces

This was a crazy assignment that just seemed to click in my brain. When a friend was asking how to do it, I didn’t really know, I’d just fluked it. So I went through the process again and tried to understand what was happening step-by-step. Here it is.

13016495_10154708142709908_1536914910_o Draw a square using vanishing points.

13016409_10154708142934908_1491468977_oFollow the vanishing points all the way through the square so there’s ‘handles’ at the ends of each edge.

13016883_10154708143509908_38219634_oDraw an X from each corner of the bottom of the square.

13009930_10154708144404908_549437616_oChoose any place to draw the beginnings of your first plane. Make sure it’s between two handles and heading towards one of your vanishing points.

13009917_10154708145419908_1559423755_oExtend the line til it hits your X. Then direct it toward the other vanishing point. Do this til you’ve gone all the way around.


Draw vertical lines from the edges of each of these bottom lines til they hit the top handles.

13010213_10154708151239908_625147879_oIf you draw lines between each of these new vertical lines, they should all be heading toward one of the vanishing points (in alignment with their matching bottom line).

13016395_10154708152644908_46793347_oNow you’ve exploded one level of all your side planes.

12986773_10154708153369908_1254706608_oFind the next plane by finding the centre of the rectangle and drawing an X through it. Then draw a new X with lines running from two existing corners, through the centre of the edge and ending where they touch the handles. A line running from these touching points toward a vanishing point will be equidistant with the previous plane.

13016587_10154708154124908_698932352_oRepeat the first process again til you’ve got 3 levels on each side.

12999576_10154708154559908_1017451208_oNow move on to the top and bottom. Start by putting in vertical handles.

12999667_10154708160639908_1550779606_oThe front face of the cube now has an X on it. So I take the front edge of the side panel and continue until the X. Then it’s exactly as the rest.


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