A Trip to Japan

In the mid-semester break I went on a family trip to Japan. I’d already been before, so rather than seeing through eyes of first-time amazement, I had a more analytical point of view. I took an interest in materials, accessibility, communication and user experience design. The Miyake and Miyazaki exhibits were highlights.

I also took the opportunity to stockpile on Copic markers, which are less than half the price in Japan, even with the Aussie dollar as low as it was, and I got them duty-free because I was buying so many.

I bought enough for my friends at uni. My luggage allowance was on the brink, but it definitely would have been worth it to buy triple this amount and sell them to students at uni. Even making a profit would have produced a bargain for them. The Tokyu Hands store at Shinjuku had the best range (I tried 2 other places), but I still managed to clean them out of cool greys and came home one short.

The effect they produce is a bit like paint. The colours are precise when you fill the page with ink. They’re alcohol based, so dry quickly, but also effect one another. Putting a grey over a colour will dull it and even working a light grey over dark patches will lighten it. In the living-room drawings, the bottom one was on a bleed-proof paper, which produced more consistent results.

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