Practicing Foam Modelling with a Luger P08

I scavenged an armful of foam scraps from the foam workshop before it closed for a clean out in the mid-year break. I really want to practice my foam modelling skills. It seems to be a big part of second year and there are plenty of people who are shit at it.

I also wanted to make something that might be useful. My mind first went to soft-props. Something like a baseball bat or a sword would be perfect, but I don’t have that much foam. As I’ve got a surplus of gun-metal-grey auto paint to use up, my next thought was naturally firearms.

We’ve already had the Anzac centenary so I’m poorly timed for WWI era guns being useful for film shoots. Sci Fi guns are too easy to make. Western and Mobster style ones are too easy to buy. My next best options were current Australian or South Australian police firearms or WWII era pistols. The Aussie police actually use American gunmakers, so that seemed a bit boring. Then I happened upon this beautiful German design that was in use in WWI and WWII:


Better yet, I found a copy of the original technical drawings, which you can see here.

What’s really cool is that even though they’re in German, I can still understand what they mean. I suppose that technical drawing course was worthwhile for something after all!

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