Wasting Time with a Crap Lecturer

We went on an excursion to the beach to build sandcastles.IMG_1387While the sandcastles were pretty impressive as far as sandcastles go, the learning experience was about as good as a very prestigious kindergarten.IMG_1380I wrote about it in my journal!

My journal was the best one in class and everybody knew it. It was 80 pages long and very well thought out. Unfortunately, among those pages, I couldn’t help but hide 3 or 4 pages worth of criticism of the course and the lecturer. Knowing how bad he was at his job, I honestly didn’t expect him to read it all, but I knew that the journal was good enough that he’d have to overlook his personal feelings and give me a great mark regardless.

Oh, how I was wrong. Some students got HDs, some got Ps. I got a C.

I couldn’t really be bothered complaining because I know that grades count for nothing once you get out of uni, but by golly I was pissed. Anyway, you can see for yourself below. FYI, most students had between 10 and 40 pages.


thurs session marksheetsthurs session marksheets

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