Becoming a Solidworks Master (slowly)

I feel really good after making a bunch of models in Solidworks today. Here are a few:

I learnt a bunch of vernacular:

  • Origin = intersecting point of 3 planes 
  • Triad = navigation arrows showing directions at origin
  • Coincident = the centre of a circles relationship to something
  • Colinear = when two lines line up

More importantly, I learnt how to use the program to intentionally create and manipulate 3D shapes. 

I am so stoked on my newfound skills. Here is a big brain dump:


  • View orientation window = spacebar
  • Normal view = CTRL 8
  • Exit mode/undo action = Esc
  • End open line drawing = double click

What lines mean:

  • Royal blue = under dimensioned
  • Black = fully dimensioned
  • Yellow = over dimensioned
  • Red = conflicting dimensions
  • Light blue = selected, outside sketch mode
  • Grey = not selected 

What coloured text means:

  • Black = sketch dimension
  • Blue = feature dimension

Things to remember:

  • Have a plane selected before drawing. 
  • Have sketch relations visible (via view)
  • To merge points, CTRL click on multiple points and use the option ‘merge points’ 
  • Dimensioning is easy. 
  • Keep the cross section of a 3D shape in mind when sketching it in 2D

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