I’ve been practicing…

And it’s paying off!

I’ve been using Solidworks to create the cut plan for my stool assignment. By trying out buttons and asking more experienced students for help, I’ve picked up quite a lot about arcs, construction lines, trimming, mirroring and patterning. 

I finished this weeks practical with rapid pace. 
I also learnt some new things:

(-) = under defined

(?) = error

Tools/ sketch tools / check sketch for feature – to help show errors

Midpoint allows you to draw from the centre

And a bunch of shortcuts:

  • CTRL tab – switch between parts
  • Shift T – trim tool
  • S = sketch tools
  • L – line tool
  • CTRL alt shift h – make horizontal
  • CTRL drag – copies the component
  • CTRL arrow keys – controlled panning

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