Solidworks, making things

I’ve learned a lot in the past week or so trying to get all my elements for the DIA’s Live Design competition. Here, I drew a part all by myself:

Then I got assistance to 3D print it, silicone mould it and cast resin from it:

In class today I had the lofting issues resolved by these tips:

  • The control point handles determine the start and end points of the loft and are movable. On a square, the handles will snap to the vertices. 

I learnt about Revolves and dimensioning too:

  • Start with a centre line
  • To dimension a diameter where only half the circle exists, click on the outer line and the centre line then hover on the opposite side of the centre line for a diameter rather than radius. 
  • To create a manual fillet, delete one line and replace it with an arc. Set the radius, make it tangent and trim the remainder. 
  • A line can be defined while still having an undefined endpoint. Lookout for blue dots on the end of black lines. 

Sweeps are amazing. You take one profile and one path and create magic:

One last fun fact: you can tile windows to view multiple parts in split screen. 

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