Exploded Views, Exploding My Mind!

It’s pretty exciting how easy it is to align objects in an assembly. And the automatic views you can create in your drawings. Screw manual drafting, the future is here!!

Fun facts:

  • The first part you place in an assembly is automatically locked and can be used as the centre of orientation for all your other parts
  • (F) = fixed, (-) = not fully defined in space
  • You can put 6*2 for 12 diameter or 12/2 for 6 radius, save on in-head math
  • Parts in an assembly are linked to their files (like in indesign)
  • Mates are relationships between parts. You can make a relationship between a bunch of parts all at once. 
  • You can mate planes in the same way as parts
  • Exploded views look sick
  • Having multiple views that you can switch between seems really handy

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