Lightening crashes (and so do computers)

My new solidworks project involves measuring and modelling a lego minifigure. The whole thing is quite overwhelming, so we started by just doing one leg:

Believe it or not, this made the rest of the project even more overwhelming as there are so many tiny measurements you wouldn’t think exist until you study the piece closely. My poor eyesight combined with my analogue callipers were a dampener on my mood.

This is a photo I took when I was most-of the way through the model:

After this, I added fillets and started on the hips… and then the power went out. I was confident that I’d saved pretty recently, then it dawned on me that I had not yet uploaded to the cloud and that everything I’d been working on was lost.

The second time (sigh) that I drew the part, I came prepared with a torch, magnifying glass, prescription glasses and some patience.

I was able to plan my fillets from a very early stage in order to get the desired effect.

I was also able to improve my understanding of the inner dimensions and how draft effects things.

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