Catching up on Lego

After being away for a week, I had some catching up to do, so I spent the morning finishing my hips and assembling the pants. I also caught up on the lectures about modelling the arms. It doesn’t look too overwhelming because thankfully, we don’t have to measure the arms ourselves. Finding the measurements of such tiny intricate objects has been the hardest part of this assignment for me. My poor eyesight combined with cheap tools makes it pretty difficult.

The lecture covered sheet metal, which would have been super handy for my dibond lamp and cardboard chair (to be blogged).

  • The sheet metal feature automatically adds material to account for bends
  • It creates a folded view and a flat view
  • To create flaps, you don’t need to fiddle with planes or paths, just add ‘edge flanges’
  • You can choose to have the material on the inside, middle or outside of paths (this makes bends less sloppy
  • You can also specify the minimum bend radius possible (this would have been especially useful for my dibond lamp)

I also learned why I thought my computer had crashed the other day; I must’ve accidentally selected a hotkey to filter my selections:

  • V = vertices filter (this is the standard pointer shortcut in all the adobe products, so is definitely the culprit in my case)
  • E = edges filter
  • X = filter faces

I smashed out more in the lab time than I thought I would today, so now all I have to finish are the arms before I can assemble my minifigure.


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