Flanges, Faces & Pants that Fit

Modelling the lego minifigure arm would have driven me to breaking point if I weren’t supplied with a step-by-step video and dimensions. Even though it dumbed it down for me, I still ended up modelling the part backwards, so I had to employ a tiny bit of creativity to adapt the right-arm steps to my left-arm model.

Next came assembling. I started with sub assemblies of the basic sections, then inserted them into a main assembly.

After an interference examination, I worked very hard to make sure there were none – this was especially hard in the pants-torso connection. (After rectifying the issue, I learned that a bit of interference is a good thing… oh well)

Finally, the fun part: polishing up for render.

Some things I learned in today’s lecture:

  • Install the Photoview 360 Button and Render Tools Tab via Tools/Add-Ins/Photoview 360
  • Ensure ‘Real View’ is turned on for more realistic surface representation
  • Illumination:
    • Diffuse – dim vibrancy + reflective qualities
    • Specular – control highlights + reflections
    • Luminous Intensity – control brightness (part can become a light!)
    • Round Sharp Edges – apply cosmetic mini-fillets to plastic edges for more realistic / softer material surface
  • Integrated preview allows you to see what the image will look like before rendering out, but drains the computer of most other abilities
  • Appearance:
    • Surface Finish – apply textures (works same as in Maya, can make own), toggle mapping to fix tiling display
  • Decal:
    • To apply > Right-click + Add Decal / Select Decal
      • Use Decal Alpha Channel to remove background / make transparent
      • adjust widget to scale + move decal
      • Edit mapping > uncheck fixed aspect ratio

After finishing my surfacing, I jumped back to last week’s task to begin my work on the minifigure packaging.

After learning a bunch of new tricks in the tutorial, I feel pretty confident in attempting the assigned packaging task.

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