Custom Bag Accessory

  • To consolidate everything used in a file: File/ pack and go (include custom decals, appearances & scenes)
  • Appearances can be copied and pasted
  • Scene images are created with HDR Maps which take the apparent light sources from the photo and translates it into light sources within solidworks
  • In view settings, choose perspective for all non-orthographic renders
  • To save a particular view use orientation / new view
  • To create a custom view go to views/ lights and camera / add camera. This allows you to place a camera, select the lenses size, focal length, depth of field and aspect ratio
  • Editing a scene allows you to separate the lighting environment from the visible background image. 
  • The advanced tab in scene editing allows you to rotate the environment and change the lighting. You can also adjust whether your component should sit on the floor or float. 

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