Design by Observation

This was a really difficult assignment; primarily because it was hard to understand what exactly it was.

We had to choose a space and then observe human behaviour, looking at how people improvised and used objects for things other than their primary intention. The tricky bit was avoiding problems and functions as a primary focus and instead using the opportunity to create a new experience.

We worked in groups. I designed the overall layout of our presentation boards:


The model-making process:

2:1 PVC pipe is long! I had to walk it home
Stovetop not so great
Experimenting with hose options. The hollow ones collapsed too much.
Threading wire through foam
Heat gun works better, still not as tight a curve as I’d like


The final model. I would have liked to paint it.
Painting looked awesome, but took a long time
To fill all the gaps and make it look smooth would have taken longer than my timeframe allowed

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