The Cardboard Chair Assignment


I’m certain this is a right-of-passage for every industrial design student in the world. I had a lot of fun with it.

My finished product was a rocking-horse inspired active-seating stool for adults. Comfort, style, fun.

As any professional can see, this is not structurally sound. I am not a professional so it took right up to my full-scale prototype to realise this.IMG_3940.jpg

I’m still very keen to rebuild it with stronger struts, while keeping the current aesthetic. It would look something like this:

My final five presentation boards below give a brief overview of my design intent and scored a Distinction:

It was great to be able to put my photography skills to good use!img_2533

The completed stool, while not structurally sound, still worked well in theory and the details were well constructed so, surprisingly, I got a Distinction for it. On average, the whole class did great work:

My complete research and ideation folio is below (High-Distinction):

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