Tim Rochford Guest Speaker

We had a speaker come in to talk to whichever students wanted to listen. I’m always surprised at how disinterested first years are with anything beyond their coursework. Nevertheless, the room was packed and I was keen to listen.

Tim is a Uni SA industrial design graduate from 2009 (for those keeping track, that’s the same year I finished my film degree). He told us about how he started his degree at a great time for industrial design in Australia, and by the time he’d finished, the industry had wilted. (#1 – do what you love, not what you think will get you a job!)

After he graduated, spent 6-12 months applying for jobs all over Australia with zero success. Then he decided it was time to look outside of his comfort zone. With the whole world at his fingertips, he said, ‘fuck it’ and wrote a wish list of dream jobs around the globe. At the top of that list, and the first place he applied for was Dyson. He got the job almost immediately and started as soon as his paperwork could be processed. (#2 – Australia creates excellent people, not excellent jobs. You are one of those excellent people. Expand your horizons and live up to your worth.)

This is the photo on the front page of his portfolio (ikr)


His portfolio showed his making and prototyping skills, which is something that not many design schools around the world teach. (#3 – Make things. Take good photos. Show your design process. Keep records. Start on your portfolio now. It’s the only thing people will look at.)

He then went on to work at Herman Miller and Samsung. This guy is great. He’s obviously talented, is quite clearly a team player, and is either really confident or really brave – and it’s paid off. (#4 – GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!)


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