Interning #3

More concepts, more models:

Moving onto the hardware configuration, I had out how to format the LCD grid and how to incorporate both the indicator light and the RGB light.

We’re pretty set on the 8×8 grid configuration with letters and numbers on the outsides (at least for the initial test prototype). Other than that, the placement and shape of the RGB and indicator are up for grabs.

I’ve explored putting the RGB in a strip, or possibly in a frame surrounding the grid. This will likely be too difficult for our first prototype and potentially expensive for the future.

The indicator light will likely be incorporated into the StemTap logo. We could etch the logo in perspex and place it into the plastic enclosure. The other option is to have a static logo and simply use the transparent backing on the enclosure to show the indicator light from within.

More drawings and models finally bring me closer to a somewhat finished concept model:

After bringing the model specs into Solidworks, I was able to tweak it bit by bit until I was finally happy with the form:


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