Human Factors

Our assignment is to, as a group of four, design a scooter with the primary focus on the ergonomics of the handles and instrument cluster.

The key to our assessment is:

“What is your argument and process for justifying this?”

Research Methods:

  • Quantitative research looks at statistics and numbers.
  • Quantitative research can’t be defined by numbers. It’s more about subjective opinions – this is more applicable to human behaviour on a human scale.
  • Unobtrusive research requires the researcher not to ask questions, interfere with tasks or alter the data via the subject’s knowledge of the research
  • When gathering data, ask who, where, why, when, how? – Be able to back up your choice to use that data.

Cargo Cult:

  • a cult formed around the provision of cargo. celebrating the beings that bring you cool things in the hopes that more will come (treating people from more developed societies as gods)
  • the idea that things just appear and we don’t know or question where from.

As designers, a lot of critical thought has gone on before us. We need to understand things that others have done for us and bring that into our designs.

We bridge everything the  engineers, anthropometric researchers, marketers and financial researchers bring to the table, with the user’s personal experience.

The holy mantra:



  • Ideo / Frog / Continuum – biggest design consultancies in the world. (Ideo has case studies online that I should look at)
  • Jane Fulton Suri – Thoughtless Acts
  • Nauto Fukosawa – ± and Muji (check out podcasts)
  • look up tallest person / shortest person car


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