If this book is made of paper, then why is it so sticky?

I’m a slow reader. I generally listen to audiobooks for fiction and podcasts for non-fiction. Books are challenging for me. This book kept me engaged. I would look forward to my bus trip so I could sneak in some pages on the 20 minute commute. 

You know how some myths just keep circulating on and on, despite how stupid they seem when you really pull them apart? Or how ad campaigns really get in your head and not in an annoying way? This book breaks down what makes certain ideas really memorable. 

It’s not just for marketers or politicians. These guys are academics. They’ve studied how to apply the principles of ‘stickiness’ to anything; the most boring data can be presented in a simple, surprising, concrete, credible and emotional way. 

I can see the applicability for pitching concepts for products, but I’m especially excited to apply it to my current internship. I always struggle to talk about my work building devices that teach kids how to code. The way I’ve made it accessible so far is to show pictures of what I do. The problem with that is that people can’t then turn around and explain it in words to someone else. 

Last night I played a game. It’s like Pictionary meets Chinese Whispers. The first person gives a word to the second person. That person draws a picture representing the word and hands it to the next person. The third person writes down a word representing a picture and so on. The idea is to have the same word at the end as when you started. 

Not only did we have the same word, we had the exact same picture. The schema of ‘circus’ is so loaded with big tops and clowns, that we all have an intrinsic understanding of all that the word carries. 

I want a simple way to give people a concrete understanding of my work. This book is helping me to do that. 

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