Finishing a Solidworks Assignment

There was a lot to submit for this assignment. The main elements all had to do with the pump bottle model:

We were to submit technical drawings, assemblies, parts and decals. A great way to make sure everything is contained within the submission is to use Solidworks’ pack-n-go feature.

When I used this for the last assignment, I was annoyed that the feature had disregarded all my original neat folder structures and lumped it all into one big folder, with the ugly default appearance filenames and all! This time, I went through and specified a path for each file. It’s a bit of a clunky system to work with in this way, but I was satisfied with the end result. The decals and appearances were greyed out, so I set the decals folder as the main path and specified unique paths for everything else.

We also had to submit the original wine bottle we modelled as well as a custom bottle of our own design.

Lastly, we had to do a photo-study of an item for our next assignment. The photos below represent the overall product, scale, form, ergonomics and exploded views, respectively. For the assignment, we had to use our phone cameras and we weren’t allowed to edit. I didn’t want to spend much time on it, since I wasn’t allowed to use my DSLR anyway, so wouldn’t be happy with the shots no matter what I did.

I took a bit of creative licence on the ‘exploded’ view. I think exploded shots should look dynamic. Ideally, I’d’ve precisely placed each part and then edited them together into an interesting image. I didn’t want to lie all the pieces flat on the table and take a top-down photo with my phone (I already did that with my ‘Everyday Carry’ style shot to represent scale). So, I decided to make it look like the glasses had actually exploded. You can’t see every single part (because I lost one screw – eek!), but it certainly looks interesting!

We were fortunate enough to be granted multiple extensions for this assignment without asking for any. This was a bonus because we had extra time, but it also set all our timelines backwards with it. Some required information wasn’t presented until a few days before the original due date. More information, still was offered after the original due-date for students who wanted to excel. This was super confusing and overwhelming, especially since I’d already done most of my modelling. I decided not to go back and redo old work, and focus on finishing! It’ll be good to go back and learn how to make dynamic springs for example in the future. 

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