Shopping Excursion

I went out shopping for supplies for my internship and my iron project.

I started at Bunnings, where I found plastibond or ‘car bog’ – a very strong, very smelly filling putty. I then moved on to Adelaide Moulding and Casting Supplies to look for resins. Lots of clear resins have a tungsten hue when they set. This place had a colourless resin. It’s too expensive to run tests with, but fortunately, they have samples of the results of each of their products in store. It was cool to walk around and touch and feel all the different materials that you could make from moulding and casting.

Next I went to a plastics place. I chose it because it was close to the moulding place. Usually I would go to City Plastics because it’s closer to home and uni. At City Plastics, you order what you want from behind a receptionist desk, they go out the back for 10 minutes, bring it out for you, then charge you. If you’re not familiar with the material you’re ordering, you might not realise it’s entirely wrong for you until it’s been cut and you need to pay for it.

I was so impressed by Menzel plastics. They have a big shop with everything out on display; lots of samples, full sheets and piles of offcuts that you can pick up and measure yourself, hold it up to the light or feel its flexibility. They have plenty of staff on hand who are super helpful and their stock is cheap. From now on, I’ll be making the drive to this place for all my plastic needs.

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