Custom Sunglasses – Initial Design

I took the design I’d sent into the Glarce competition and laser cut them to see what they were like in real life. I quickly made up some arms to go with the frames.

I’m actually really happy with the size and shape of the frames, they evoke the exact characterisation I was going for. You could use them as costume in a film for an annoying neighbour or grumpy cat lady. They need a little work in terms of curvature and comfort, but because I used real sunglasses measurements as a base, they fit pretty well.

The arms need a lot of work. I want them to be as fat as possible near the eyes so that they block sunlight – I think I can exaggerate this even more. They’re currently too short as well. I think the end could have less of a curve in it – I’ll come up with a compromise between aesthetics and comfort here.

Today I’ll start work on adjusting the design so that I can model them using surfaces in solidworks.

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