Inspo Dump #2

IMG_6704I went to another Match+ speaker event. This one was about ‘Careers in Flux’. I realised that they just pick catchy titles and whichever speakers they can find, whether they speak to the title or not. This guy’s career was certainly not in flux, but he was pretty inspiring. He started making speakers with his friend for fun and then became driven to make the best speaker in the world. Now he makes $100k speakers for rich folk and is entirely self-taught.

He’s been given an honourary degree by the uni and is currently studying a masters degree in my course to catch up on what he hasn’t been able to teach himself. I love the idea that if you don’t know how to do something, just go out and do it. This is an attitude my sister taught me as a kid. I really respect people who can be this self-motivated and keep trying to be like that myself!

There’s an annual competition called ‘Drink, Dine, Design’ run by the Jam Factory. I’ve come up with an idea that I’d really like to submit this year or next. A chopstick holder that appears to be made from the folded up chopstick wrapper. I have no idea how to make it yet, but think it would be really cool as a ceramic product. Feel free to comment with suggestions on how I might make it 🙂

I bought a bike light recently and was super impressed with how intuitive the package design was. All the little symbols make so much sense and despite having to convey a loads of information, it looks beautiful and simple.

More stuff:

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