Two Materials, One Lamp (Research & Ideation)

Our main assignment for Studio this semester is to create a functional prototype of a product using two materials of our choice. Our products may be an elastic-potential-energy car, a stringed instrument, or an articulating lamp. I chose the lamp.

The articulation has to be 400mm up-down and 400mm forward-back. We may introduce other axes of movement should we wish. Our materials are limited to one main process each and the lamp must plug into a wall socket and operate at low-voltage.

Our first step was to choose materials, processes and a mechanism. I had to switch my brain to a completely backwards way of thinking; rather than choosing these features because they’d suit the design, I had to choose them based on vague ideas of how they might relate to one another, from there the design was dictated by my self-imposed constraints. This is a really interesting way of working and realistically, what I’d be restricted to in a work setting.

Below is my folio of backup research and ideation.

Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_02Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_03Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_04Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_05This is a seriously cool lamp mechanism. See it in action and learn about the design process here. Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_06Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_07Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_08Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_09Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_10Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_11Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_12Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_13Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_14Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_15Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_16Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_17Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_18Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_19Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_20Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_21Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_22Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_23

Carpenter Kelly GRAP2033 Backup Folio_Page_44

Concept 1 – Slide-Friction Lamp

Concept 2 – Flexi-Weight Lamp

Concept 3 – Off-Axis Spin Lamp

It looks like I’m going with Concept 2 (the flexi-bending weighted lamp). It’s the hardest to pull off mechanically, so time will tell if I stick with this option. I’d love to inject the lightness, elegance and dynamic quality of my material experimentation models. Stay tuned for updates!

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